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Welcome to Frauenstein

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Frauenstein, a small yet beautiful spot in the East of the Ore Mountain range. Our town is located in a picturesque rural area that makes it ideal for hiking and skiing tours, but it also boasts a rich cultural heritage. Its grand castle ruin lures visitors from far away and its idyllic small town flair can be enjoyed all year round.  

Frauenstein was also the home of one of the most famous and influential organ builders of baroque times, Gottfried Silbermann. A museum has been dedicated to this most celebrated of German organ builders: Located in the 16th century Renaissance mansion overlooking the town it draws visitors from all over the world.

On our website we want to provide you with some general information about our town, sightseeing, accommodation and hospitality services. Naturally we are also available for additional enquiries in English or German, to this  purpose please call us on  +0049 (0) 37326 1224. We will do our best to help you plan your trip, arrange for guided tours or find suitable accommodation for yourself or your group.